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About us


Love Story

We love simplicity

We are a young couple living abroad in Hamburg, Germany with a common passion about food.

I have to tell you that I was the adept of fast food, frozen food and I was cooking one meal in huge quantity and eating it in the course of one week. Eating food was a necessity and as a Engineer with PhD in nuclear field I was seeing it as something you have to check. So simple…you cook something once and eat the entire week. Checked and focus on something else.


I met her…major in Psychology and with an artistic thinking. When it comes to food she will better starve than eating the same thing next day. My simple cooking plan was ruined and I because she was enjoying cooking everyday, we started to work together in the kitchen. Me, clumsy at the beginning, everything was complicated…she was asking for art in the kitchen not engineering rules.

Step by step

I developed a passion for food, it has to taste good but also to look amazing as we are also eating with our eyes.

After years of daily cooking and invention of daily recipes we thought to share our food story with the world through a cooking blog.

What WE blog about

Love for food

You will find here a weekly recipe inspired from season products which we hope you will enjoy.