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Carolina Reaper – hottest pepper in the world

    Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world and you can now grow it in your kitchen. Follow us for more information.

    I am a big fan of homemade hot pepper sauce. Usually I was doing it with the regular hot peppers that I was able to find back home. After a trip in USA, I got in contact with the hottest sauce of Buffalo Wild Wings. When I ordered I thought how hot can it be. I was also thinking that they will put the sauce in a tray and if I can’t take it I will just try something else. I ordered the big menu of wings with the Blazing sauce. The guy serving us, asked like three times if we are sure about this. This was the first question mark I had. Then here comes the wings with the sauce all over them so my plan that I will dip the wing in the sauce was gone. I was eating and crying. Never cried before from eating something hot :). The person serving us was just laughing and delivering to our table fresh water, glass after glass.

    In the end I bought some bottles of their Blazing sauce take home and I saw on the bottle that they use Carolina Reaper for this. This is how I was introduced to this pepper and how I started to make plans for growing it.

    I have to tell you…it’s my second trial in growing this pepper by my own. I tried also last year, but with all the move in a new country, I had to leave the plants in my old place. I saw in photos that they had some small peppers and going in a trip back home I tried one and it was not as hot as expected. Something had gone wrong in the growing process I assume.

    This year I decided to try again. Hopefully it will work.

    I bought a pack of seeds from Amazon and some Cocos substrate for a boost in growing up. The cocos substrate that I choose comes in the form of round tablets. Just put it in a small special cup for planting and by adding water in just 1 minute it will absorb it and inflate becoming 4 times bigger in height.

    Just add the seed , water again and put it in a sunny place. Hopefully something will come out and I will be able this year to make my own hot Harissa using the Carolina Reaper.

    I will update this post as the plants will grow up, so check again to see how they are doing.

    If you have an advice in growing this pepper just write them in the comments.

    Check out this TOP 10 Hottest Peppers list, how many have you tried? Carolina Reaper is still the hottest pepper in the world, yey!

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