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French Scrambled Eggs

    This recipe of french scrambled eggs will give you the perfect creamy scrambled eggs that you always wanted. The recipe is foolproof and you just have to follow some simple steps in order to get the best scrambled eggs you ever tasted.

    I decided to change my scrambled eggs recipe as I wanted to get it more creamy. So, I tried to do the french scrambled eggs. With this recipe, you just throw in the eggs and as it’s french please do not forget the butter.

    scrambled eggs French style

    How to make French Scrambled Eggs

    The recipe is foolproof if you follow the steps below. First, you start with 5 eggs. It does not matter if they are from the fridge or not. Add them to a non-sticking frying pan or saucepan. Then you add the butter. For 5 eggs we will use one Tbsp. of butter. Just take it from the fridge and place it in the pan together with the eggs.

    eggs and butter

    Once you have the eggs and the butter in the pan you can start the heat (medium) and place the pan on it. Start stirring with a spatula and once the curds start to form take the pan off the heat. Continue stirring for another 10 seconds, then place the pan back on the heat for another 5 seconds (until you see that curds are appearing again), and then take it off the heat again. You repeat these steps until the eggs are not runny anymore. Once this happens add 1 Tbsp. of Crème fraîche and 1 Tbsp. of chives. Use salt and pepper to taste and place the pan back on the heat for another 5 -10 seconds stirring continuously.

    The Crème fraîche will make this scrambled egg extra creamy. The chives can be exchanged also for other ingredients like bacon. Just be creative and have fun when you make this recipe. Will be the best scrambled eggs recipe you have ever tried. If you want to elevate the recipe even further, once you plate it add some truffle-flavored olive oil. You can see a video with a variation of this recipe where I used bacon, in the recipe card.

    creamy scrambled eggs

    How to serve scrambled eggs?

    The French style scrambled eggs can be served on toast bread or just as it is. It’s a perfect breakfast recipe, easy to make.

    French scrambled eggs
    French Scrambled Eggs

    French Scrambled Eggs

    Yield: 2
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Cook Time: 10 minutes
    Total Time: 15 minutes

    This french scrambled eggs will rock your world. The recipe is easy to make and involves just a pan, a spatula, and a few ingredients, but the result will be the best scrambled eggs you have ever tasted.


    • Eggs - 5 pcs.
    • Butter - 1 Tbsp.
    • Creme Fraiche - 1 Tbsp.
    • Chives - 1 Tbsp.
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Truffle flavored oil - 1 Tsp. (optional)


    How to make French Scrambled Eggs?

    1. Find a non-sticking skillet or a non-sticking saucepan and place it on the stove with the heat off.
    2. Crack the eggs in the skillet and throw in also the butter. At this stage do not use any salt and pepper yet.
    3. Turn on the heat to medium and start stirring with a spatula. Do not whisk as you are not making your normal scrambled eggs here. 😀
    4. When curds start to form on the bottom of the skillet, take it off the stove and continue stirring for 10 seconds. This will prevent overcooking and will allow a silky texture in the end product.
    5. Place the skillet back on the stove for another 5 seconds and stir continuously. Then, once more remove the pan from the heat and stir for another 10 seconds.
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the eggs are not runny anymore. At this point add in the creme fraiche, salt, pepper, and chives.
    7. Stir all the ingredients in and repeat steps 4 and 5 one more time.
    8. The french scrambled eggs are ready to be served.
    9. Optional, after you place the scrambled eggs into a serving dish you can sprinkle some more chives on top and a bit of truffle-flavored oil. This will really elevate the dish and make it memorable.
    10. Enjoy!


    The original recipe is with chives, but one can make alterations and try different ingredients. We did it with bacon instead of chives and it was the best bacon scrambled eggs we ever tasted.

    The recipe is based on Gordon Ramsey's scrambled eggs recipe. We have to say that he really found a foolproof of doing this French scrambled eggs.

    Nutrition Information:
    Yield: 2 Serving Size: 1
    Amount Per Serving:Calories: 352Total Fat: 30gSaturated Fat: 11gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 17gCholesterol: 493mgSodium: 386mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 0gSugar: 3gProtein: 16g

    Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.

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