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Our Most Used Business Resources

Our Most Used Business Resources – A list of the tools we are using for our website. We think it’s important to share and help each other, so we put together this nice list of tools, services, and devices we are using. If you are wondering what hosting solution we are using, or what camera are we using for making these nice food pictures, the answers are below.

Some of the services contain affiliate links. By purchasing a product after you pressed the link, we will get a small commission from the company. Don’t worry, you will still pay the same price for the product.

Business Tools


Our preferred web hosting company. The hosting for our food blog is with them and we are really happy about it.

Although you can still find a lot of good information online regarding any problem with your website, the support at Bluehost is just perfect. They answer really quickly and solve problems fast. Another reason why we support Bluehost and chose to work with them is their super-affordable pricing plans and the flexibility you get with your website. In just a few clicks you get your dream website.

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When starting a business you need a unique logo. You could use a logo generator or Canva to make your logo, but it is not sustainable in the long run. You will pretty soon encounter companies that have very similar logos to your logo. And you don’t want that. For a really good logo, you could go to Fiverr and pick a creator that you like and pay for your logo. You could also use other websites like Dribble. Find a logo creator and contact him. This option is a little more expensive.

You can also make a free LOGO for your business using Canva. we also use Canva for most of our images that we share on social media. It’s really easy to get the perfect size every time.

Or, you could choose the hard way and learn a new program on the way, like Inkscape. You will find tons of tutorials online to make a vectorial logo.

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You can also try this list of 15 Best FREE Logo Makers & Generators.


Besides the logo, you will need a color palette to use on your website. You can also find tons of help online. But we love the website It is intuitive, you can choose from lots of colors and they also show you how your website will look using this link and picking colors:

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Email marketing

Having a Facebook page or an Instagram account is not enough. You need to start collecting emails on your website. Our favorite program for this is Mailchimp. You get a free plan for up to 2000 contacts. You can place a pop-up on your website to help you collect emails, you can even connect it with your Facebook page and start collecting emails there.

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Posting on Social Media

When you are just starting your business you need a strong social media presence. All might seem a little overwhelming, that is why you need to start automating some aspects of posting on social media. Use a scheduler like Preview for Instagram. Or our favorite: Later. It’s so easy to use and you can also find lots of useful pieces of information on their website.

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You could also take a look at the Designer Resource Center to find inspiration for your designs.

What are your most-used resources?