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Our cooking philosophy is to use as much seasonal produce as possible. We follow trends given by the nature and profit from the benefits of sustainable cooking.

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Latest recipes from the blog

Feature blog Norvegian Ribbe

Norwegian Ribbe

One of the most iconic Christmas recipes in Norway is the Norwegian ribbe. Ribbe or roast pork belly is a traditional Christmas dish that can be found in more than…

Feature blog Roasted Mushrooms – Porcini

Roasted Mushrooms – Porcini

It’s the Porcini mushroom season again! This weekend I took my little Beagle out for a walk in the forest nearby in the hope that I would find a few to make some roasted mushrooms…

Feature blog Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe

Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe

The pumpkin gnocchi recipe is perfect for the pumpkin season. I know you also love pumpkin as much as everybody else!…

Feature blog chanterelle omelette (1)

Chanterelle mushroom omelette

Chanterelle mushroom omelette is an easy but sofisticated recipe that you can make in the mornings when you want to take your time cooking.…

Feature blog beef-steak (1)

Medium rare steak

Are you looking for a perfect medium-rare steak? Are you lost with your side dishes? Did you try different recipes and nothing worked well? I was also there, trying to…

Feature blog lamb-tajine

Lamb tagine

If you want a perfect, slow-cooked lamb tagine, then you have to take a look at this recipe. I had multiple trials with the tagine in the past, and almost…

Feature blog – seared duck-breast-with-figs

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Figs

Pan seared duck breast has been our go-to recipe for every date night ever since we invented date nights. It’s an easy recipe and we love how tender the duck…


Romanian Cozonac Recipe

Cozonac it’s the traditional Romanian cake that we make and serve at every important holiday, be it Christmas, Easter, or even weddings. It is usually difficult to make and it…

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